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Import Projects From Basecamp

Once you’ve connected Tick and Basecamp, you can start to import Basecamp projects into Tick.

Both admins and the account owner can import projects into Tick.

  1. Click on the Projects tab
  2. Click Create a new project

    Tick app inside of Basecamp 2

  3. Click Import a Basecamp Project

    Tick app inside of Basecamp 2

  4. Click the Basecamp project that you’d like to import

    Tick app inside of Basecamp 2

  5. Enter the project details (client, budget hours, and if it is billable)

  6. Click Import

    Tick app inside of Basecamp 2

The project will import and you’ll be all set. Click Go to Project to see the project, or edit settings, task budgets, etc. to set additional options.

If you have your integration set to automatically import to-do lists or items, Tick will import them into your new Tick project as tasks for you to track time against. If you leave the Client field blank the client will default to "your company name."