Improve your bottom line with straightforward time management software.

Tick gives you the most direct way to track your time against a budget. Whether you’re a freelancer or have hundreds of employees, Tick turns time management software into a streamlined communication tool.

 Tick timecard with recently used links

The timecard

Tick’s straightforward timecard works in just three steps: Select your project (organized by client), select the task, and enter your time. Once your time is entered, you can enter notes, use timesheet reporting to get budget feedback or dig deeper into projects with just a click.

Timecard for Tick’s time management software
Pause Timer

Running Timers

Tick's in-app timers free you up to stay on task by tracking your hours for you. Start a single timer or toggle between multiple timers as you move between tasks. Create new timers from completed time entries throughout the day and, when high-fives go around after the task is finished, enter that time directly from the timer.

Get instant budget feedback in the timecard

Getting consistent budget feedback keeps everyone on track. After a team member enters time to a task, the project and task budgets are shown to let them know how much time they have left to complete the work. Tick puts the management in time management software.

Tick’s timecard gives instant budget feedback

Enter time from anywhere

Entering time consistently has a lot to do with convenience. Tick was designed from the ground up to be the easiest time management software. That’s why Tick has built timers that run on your phone, watch, tablet, desktop or browser. You’re never more than a few clicks (or taps) away from entering your time.

Enter your Tick time entries from anywhere
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