Tick API v2


The Tick API is intended for 3rd parties wishing to integrate their applications with Tick's time tracking services. This is version 2 of the Tick API and has been designed around RESTful concepts with JSON for serialization.


Full documentation for the Tick API is available on GitHub

Terms of Use

Molehill is the company behind Tick and reserves the right to modify, expand, or terminate API services at any time for any or no reason. By using this API, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms. The availability and the terms upon which it is available are continually under experimentation. Molehill may suspend or terminate your access to the Tick API or Molehill may change any of the API specifications, protocols, or methods of access for any or no reason and will bear no liability for such decisions. It is solely your responsibility at all times to be prepared to manage your accounts and conduct your business without access to the Tick API. Molehill does not represent or warrant, and specifically disclaims that the Tick API will be available without interruption or without bugs.

Previous Versions

Tick API v1 (Deprecated)

This document is subject to change. Last updated November 25, 2014.