Tick vs Toggl

Tick is an easy to use and low cost Toggl alternative.

A quick look at Tick and Toggl

If you're looking for time tracking software for your company, Tick and Toggl are two great options to consider. Both products launched in the mid-2000s to help teams track their time, but they have different views on how and why your team needs to track their time.

Toggl's focus is on helping individuals and freelances capture their time without many constraints. You don't have to setup projects, tasks, or tags. You just hit a timer and start tracking. For Toggl it's all about lowering the barrier to entry.

For Tick, time tracking is the key to a more profitable business.

Tick’s Time Tracker gives you budget feedback in real time

Tick's has always focused on helping teams identify where they are spending their time, so they can run more profitable projects. Everything is focused on helping your team hit your budgets. You get budget updates whenever you log a time entry and reports that tell you which projects are the most profitable.

Price Comparison

All Tick plans come with Unlimited Users.
No difference between a company with 5 people or 5,000 people.

Pricing $19-$150/month $10-$59/user/month
10 people / 10 projects $19 month $100 - $590 month
10 people / 30 projects $49 month $100 - $590 month
30 people / 10 projects $19 month $300 - $1,770 month
30 people / 30 projects $49 month $300 - $1,770 month
50 people / 50 projects $79 month $500 - $2,950 month
100 people / 100 projects $149 month $1,000 - $5,900 month

Toggl is great for teams of 5 or less that don't need tons of features; they have a generous free plan to get you started. Though once you need to add a 6th person to your team that same plan will cost you $60/month. If you need any of the advanced reporting or profitability features you're looking at plans can reach $59/user/month!

Tick's pricing is based on the number of active projects your team runs. If you're just tracking time towards a single project then it's completely free—even if you have 60 people on your team. Every Tick plan comes with unlimited users, so you don't have to start paying more just because your team is growing.

Don’t take our word for it

"We made the move to Tick because Toggl didn't provide an easy way to track the progress of a project or task. With Tick, we're able to see this."

-Rob at Steadfast Design Firm

"Before Tick, we had to guess whether or not we were being profitable or not. Now we know and can make adjustments during the month and prioritize certain clients and tasks. Tick ensures time-tracking is one less thing my tired mind has to remember."

-Liz at Fiore Communications

"Tick is an elegant stand-alone solution that does one thing really well—track time allotted, time billed, and time remaining. Time entry is really easy with the intuitive and responsive UI."

-Robert at ZoomGrantss

"A useful time tracking tool starts with something you'll actually use. Tick's timecard is both straightforward and efficient in assigning time to a task and provides key project details like instant budget feedback as soon as your time is entered."

-Ricky at Noondalton

Which should you choose?

Tick is best for
  • Teams tracking time to run more profitable projects
  • Cost conscious teams with 5+ employees
  • Teams that are growing

Try Tick free for 30-days

Toggl is best for
  • Teams of 5 or less.
  • Use Toggl's basic features for free!
  • Freelancers/students that are new to time tracking

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