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Time is your inventory.

Time is Your Inventory

Riddle me this - If a grocer sells a carton of milk for $6 then actually delivers 2 cartons, she only sold them each for $3, right?

If she doesn't sell them at all they spoil and cannot be sold. Isn't the same true of your time?

Of course!

In the service industry, hours are your inventory. You only have so many to sell, and like cartons of milk on a shelf, they’re perishable. If you deliver more than the customer bought, you're selling hours at a discount (frustrating, right?).

Tick exists to show you how many hours you sold and to make sure you get the price you sold them for. This, my friend, is the key to profitability in the service industry.

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A win for your team & your bottom line

Tracking time as inventory shows you the whole picture - from where the time is being used, to how much is left. Seeing this while running a project gives you control over the details that kill your profitability.

Tick shows real-time info about the number of hours available to the people who need to know, so they can make sure their impact is a positive one.

This increases ownership, reduces timesheet patrolling, and gives everyone a better reason to track their time - a win, win, win.

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Run more profitable projects

For over seven years Tick has helped teams successfully track and manage their inventory, create better estimates, increase communication and run more profitable projects. Start making time tracking worth everyone's time.

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Tick's time tracker allows you to enter time or use a timer. How cool?
Andrew used Tick to improve his time management.

"Tick has helped with profitability, cash flow and allocating time more efficiently."

Read how Ideal Project Group used Tick to grow revenue by 300%

Last year, Tick helped 21,777 people track 15,315,498 hours towards profitable projects.

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