The best way to track time for Trello

Integrate Tick with your Trello account to add time tracking and budget feedback into your project management workflow. It just takes a minute to setup!

Trello and Tick
Importing Trello boards into Tick

Import Trello boards into Tick with ease

Connect your Trello Organization to your Tick account and bring each Trello Board in as it's own Tick project. Invite the whole team with a quick user import to make sure that everybody is on the same page!

Auto-import your Trello Lists or Cards

Automatically import all of your Trello Lists or Cards into Tick as tasks. Now your team can track exactly what they were working on. Setup Tick budgets for each task so you know exactly how much time your team has left to accomplish your goals.

Importing users into Tick from QuickBooks Online
Add budgets to your Trello Boards

Get budget feedback for your Trello projects

Every time anybody on your team enters a time entry, Tick will give you instant budget feedback. Keep your Trello projects on time and under budget.