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Setting up new people

For a quick video about adding and managing users in Tick, see this article: "Getting Started: People"

Any person with Admin or Owner status is able to add new people to your Tick account. To do this, click on the Team link in the navigation.

  1. Click Team in the navigation
  2. To add a new user, click the Add a New Person button
  3. If you have any integrations set up, you can import people in bulk

Adding a new Tick user

Enter their name and email into the system, and hit save. To give this person Admin privileges, use the check box.

create user details

Admin Note: If the person you are creating already has another account with the same email, Tick will show an error prompting you choose a separate email address.

Once the user is added, they’ll get a welcome email from Tick with instructions on how to login and set their unique password.