Basecamp 2 integration updates

Tick Time Tracking in Basecamp 2

We love the new Basecamp! We also love time tracking (no surprise there). So when we heard that Basecamp 2 wasn’t going to include time tracking we set out to see what we could do…and honestly we kind of surprised ourselves. After working with some of the crew at 37signals and digging through the API as it was being developed, we stumbled upon the idea of creating a Basecamp App for time tracking. And of course we’re huge proponents of budget tracking so we had to include that as well.

So last night we pushed v1.0 of what we believe to be the first (new) Basecamp App. It gives you the ability to track your time, check on the budget status of your projects, flip between dates, review time entries of team members (Tick admins only), and more without ever leaving Basecamp.

We’re just a little excited to show it off. Hopefully the screencast below will get you excited as well!