Recurring projects

Recurring Projects

Let’s say you have a client that pays you $1,000 each month for services. If you do 10 hours of work for them, that’s $100 per hour. But if you do 20 hours of work for them that’s $50 per hour. That’s a big difference and an important one when running a services shop that makes these type of retainer agreements.

So how can Tick help?

Now when you create a new a new project you’ll see a “recurring project” option at the bottom.

Recurring project 01

When you turn this on, Tick will automatically close the existing project at the end of the month and open a new (identical) project. So if you want to make $100 per hour on that $1,000 per month client, you just set a project budget of 10 hours and check the recurring project feature. Now each time you log a time entry to that project you’ll get real-time feedback on your $100 per hour goal.

You can still add tasks (and task budgets) as you would any other project and they will carry over into the new project at the end of the month. Recurring projects also automatically get a little custom naming convention to help keep everything well organized. A project with the name “Website Development” for example, will display as “Website Development | 2012-02” indicating that this is the February 2012 version.

We hope this helps, and as always feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions.